We are honored and pleased to announce that the authorities of the Polish Society for Nondestructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics SIMP (PTBNiDT SIMP) and the Polish Society of Mechanical Engineers and Technicians (SIMP) decided to begin issuing a scientific and technical journal entitled “Non-destructive testing and diagnostics.”

The journal will contain materials in Polish and English and will be available both in print and in an electronic version.

The recipients of the “Non-destructive testing and diagnostics” journal are research and academic centers as well as business organizations working within the field described by its title.

In the journal “Non-destructive testing and diagnostics” will be published original communiqué and  articles related with:

  • research methodology,
  • certification and accreditation,
  • training, regulation and standardization,
  • characteristics of the facilities, equipment, materials and systems in NDT,
  • diagnosis,
  • research practice in the industry and technical advice,
  • events, careers of professionals and their professional experience.

Content of our journal is indexed by BazTech – a bibliographic database containing citations from the Polish technical journals on engineering, technology, sciences and the environment. The Database is available via the Internet free of charge. It is also indexed by Google, Google Scholar and WorldWideScience.org.

Patronage and continous cooperation