18 Oct

Certification of NDT personnel – recommendations guidelines EA 4/15 G:2015

Marta Wojas

Non-destructive testing laboratory may be accredited or recognized according to the reference document – EN ISO / IEC 17025. Document EA-4/15 G:2015 is a guideline that specify how to implement the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025. According to EA-04/15 the competence of personnel performing NDT should meet the requirements of testing standards / customer specifications / regulations, if any are specified, regardless of the form of employment. If not, the staff should have a valid certificate issued by an accredited certification body in accordance with EN ISO 9712 or an equivalent, and be authorized by the employer to certain activities in the field of certificate held. Supervision and monitoring should be performed by a person level 3 in each of the NDT methods used in the laboratory, through internal or external comparative testing. It specifies the minimum responsibilities of the supervisor.
Annexes A to E identified guidance on calibration and / or checking the measuring and testing equipment taking into account the requirements of the testing standards or own laboratory or customer’s specifications.
Annex F applies to the contents of the test procedure, and Annex G is the guidelines for internal audit.

Marta Wojas, Certyfikacja personelu NDT – zalecenia wytycznych EA 4/15 G:2015