Writing tips

A paper should not exceed 10 pages; a communiqué must not exceed 1 through 4 pages of a computer printout on A4 page format.

Typesetting hints: font – Times New Roman 12; top, bottom, left, and right margins – 2.5 cm. Drawings and tables with titles should be set in the text. Drawings, diagrams, and photographs should be called “figures” (e.g. Fig. 1) and marked by means of Arabic numerals whereas the tables should be marked with Roman numerals (e.g. Table IV).

Descriptions integrated with the figures as well as line width should be sufficiently sized. The author should allow for figure zooming down to 30%.

The paper should contain information on the author (s) as follows: university grade or professional position, first and last name, title of the paper, abstract (up to 1/3 page), master text divided into applicable sections with separate subheading, conclusions, bibliography, bibliographical listing marked with Arabic numerals in square brackets and ordered in the sequence of text references.

The papers should be sent as CD records or by e-mail (text with figures) as well as a credential containing the author’s consent to publish the paper, address, phone number, and place of work.

Files to download

 article submission form

 manuscript template