Issue 4/2018

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Reviewed papers

Noritaka Yusa, Takuma Tomizawa, Haicheng Song, Hidetoshi Hashizume
Probability of detection analyses of eddy current data for the detection of corrosion

Przemysław Łopato, Michał Herbko
Strain monitoring in structural elements by microstrip sensor

Dominik Kukla, Andrzej Zagórski, Piotr Wonsewicz
Analysis of eddy current signals from non-standard defects in steel austenitic tubes of heat exchangers

Zbigniew Strumiński, Dariusz Ulbrich, Jakub Kowalczyk, Daria Stępak
Ultrasonic inspection of spot welded joints

Wojciech Szymański
Measurement of residual stresses in railway axes using the X-ray method according to PN-EN 13261 + A1 2011

Adam Kondej, Artur Szczepański
Miniaturized device for eddy current non-destructive testing using the amplitude-frequency measurement

Maciej Roskosz, Krzysztof Fryczowski, Jerzy Kwaśniewski, Jakub Janisz
Identification of the plastic deformation degree of X2CrNi18-9 steel based on changes of the Barkhausen noise parameters

Paweł Mazurek, Maciej Roskosz, Jerzy Kwaśniewski
Diagnostics of traction ropes of a passenger lift based on observation of the magnetic leakage field

Igor Lyasota, Łukasz Sarniak, Piotr Kustra
The material condition evaluation of pressure vessels after long term operation in the refinery industry with using acoustic emission method

Mateusz Szymków, Krzysztof Schabowicz¸ Tomasz Gorzelańczyk
Non-destructive assessment of the effect of high temperature on the destruction of the structure of the fiber-cement board

Marek K. Lipnicki, Krzysztof Mroczek, Rafał Obłąkowski
PAUT Inspection of axial steeple grooves and blade roots at LP steam turbine high power rotors – R&D and validation

Dariusz Ulbrich, Daria Stępak, Jakub Kowalczyk, Zbigniew Strumiński
Ultrasonic inspection of adhesion of car putty coating to steel substrate

Jakub Kowalczyk, Dariusz Ulbrich, Daria Stępak, Zbigniew Strumiński
Ultrasonic testing of adhesive joints used in the automotive industry

Ryszard Mańczak
The changes of velocity of the ultrasonic wave in the area of the welded joint

Andrzej Dreas, Radosław Gordon
The influence of the voltage of the IGBT power supply on the acoustic emission signal received

Katarzyna Gawdzińska, Piotr Bielawski, Katarzyna Bryll, Ewelina Kostecka
Material factors affecting quality of castings made of metal-ceramic composites

Grzegorz Psuj, Michał Maciusowicz
The use of time-dependent spectral representation of Barkhausen noise signal for the needs of non-destructive evaluation of steel elements

Bogdan Zając
Research on elements of Nuclear technology based on a visual assessment of vaginal damage to a fuel element

Piotr Synaszko, Bogdan Zając
Detection of cracks in connections of riveted aircraft elements using EC Array technology

Jie Fu, Lenka Dojcanova, Jizeng Ma
A worldwide tool to optimize occupational radiation protection in industrial radiography