Issue 3/2018

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Reviewed papers

Jerzy Nowacki, Norbert Sieczkiewicz, Michał Nocoń
Measurement of welding deformations using the 3D scanning methods

Kilian Tschöke, Tobias Gaul, Thomas Klesse, Uwe Lieske, Friedrich von Dungern, Julia Guerrero-Santafe, Hannelore Wessel-Segebade
Development of an integrated measuremnet system for CFRP components within automotive manufacture

Piotr Bielawski
Wear margin of ship machine units with press fits

Piotr Bielawski
Pneumatic leak sensor of the working chamber of an internal combustion engine

Leonard Runkiewicz
History of nondestructive methods in building and civil engineering in Poland

Leonard Runkiewicz, Jan Sieczkowski
Technical assessment of building structures by the nondestructive and seminondestructive methods

Mickael Messaoudi, Bruno Pouet
Recent development in all-optical ultrasonic shear wave inspection

Magdalena Rucka
Non-destructive testing and health monitoring of structural elements in laboratory conditions

P. Rioux, F. Lachance, D. Giguère, J. Turcotte
Novel imaging techniques for defects characterisation in phased array inspection

Krzysztof Schabowicz
The latest non-destructive methods used in research in construction

Bogusław Ładecki, Łukasz Knysak
Non-destructive testing of brazing joints of thin walled non-ferromagnetic steel pipes

Marek Śliwowski
Reliability increase of girth welds inspection in view of digital radiography and ultrasonic techniques

Aleksandra Mazurek
The use of unmanned aerial vehicles in the technical diagnostics of buildings using
non-destructive methods

Marcin Lewandowski, Mateusz Walczak, Beata Witek, Jakub Rozbicki, Tomasz Steifer
A portable Phased-Array system demonstrator with Full-Matrix Capture function

Marek Chalimoniuk, Artur Kułaszka
Possible application of X-ray computed tomography (CT) in aviation

Łukasz Drobiec
Non-destructive tests used in civil engineering

Radosław Jasiński
Determination of AAC masonry compressive strength by semi destructive method

Jerzy Kozłowski, Martin Czysch, Jakub Kozłowski
Nondestructive testing that is used during the process of corrosion protection of steel structures