Issue 2/2018

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Reviewed papers

Balitskii Alexander, Abramek Karol Franciszek, Osipowicz Tomasz
Technical diagnostics fuel injection pump condition used of fuel with hydrogen containing admixtures

Cesar Camerini, João M. A. Rebello, Lucas Braga, Rafael Santos, João Marcio Santos, Gabriela Pereira
Eddy Current System for Complex Geometry Inspection in High Speed Application

Abhishek Pandala, S. Shivaprasad, C.V. Krishnamurthy, Krishnan Balasubramaniam
Robust and efficient finite-difference-time-domain modelling of the propagation of nonlinear elastic waves

Łukasz Rawicki, Karol Kaczmarek, Paweł Irek, Grzegorz Hottowy, Jacek Słania
Badania ultradźwiękowe szyn kolejowych

Volodymyr Troitskiy
Industrial X-ray testing without intermediate data carriers of information

Volodymyr Troitskiy
News in maintenance of technical state of the main pipelines

Gábor Vértesy
Nondestructive investigation of wall thinning in ferromagnetic material by Magnetic adaptive testing: influence of yoke size