Josko M., Application of PPM…


Application of PPM method for assessment of frictional coupe in car brake system


Marian Jósko

The article presents an assessment of the possibility of applying the non-destructive Prescale Pressure Measurement (PPM) method to evaluation the function and condition of the frictional couple type brake pad–brake disc in an automotive vehicle. An overall analysis of the potential capabilities of the method for use in car nodes was performed. The PPM film was scaled on a hydraulic press to determine the intensity of color that corresponds to the given pressure within the selected pressure range. Then, the distribution of pressure between the brake pad and the brake disc was investigated and their values were determined, which gives a view on the cooperation of these elements. It also allowed us to draw conclusions about the functioning of these tribological elements of the automotive vehicle and to refer to the possibilities of the method itself.
PPM method, frictional couple, braking system

Proceedings of 46th National Conference on Nondestructive Testing (KKBN),
17-19 october 2017, Starachowice, Poland

Online publication date

14 december 2017


Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostics, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 22-27, 2017