Sarniak L., Analysis of technical condition…


Analysis of technical condition of steam turbine rotors based on miniature samples obtained semi-destructively


Łukasz Sarniak, Rafał Molak, Barbara Romelczyk, Piotr Garyga, Zbigniew Pakieła, Andrzej Zagórski

Accurate evaluation of the turbine rotor material degradation requires specialized material testing, including light microscopy, SEM and tensile test. Since obtaining standard size samples would significantly weaken the rotor construction, the paper presents a methodology for semi-destructive sampling the material, leaving the surface of the rotor without notches and with a relatively small wall loss. The application of suitable cutting parameters, cooling and equipment fixing enabled the sampling of small samples without interfering in their microstructure. The paper discusses the methodology of mechanical testing of the obtained material with the use of miniaturized specimens such as Miniature Specimen Tensile Test (MSTT) and Small Punch Test (SPT) method
turbine rotors, miniature specimens, tensile test

Proceedings of 46th National Conference on Nondestructive Testing (KKBN),
17-19 october 2017, Starachowice, Poland

Online publication date

14 december 2017


Nondestructive Testing and Diagnostics, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 12-14, 2017