Issue 3/2017

Edition containing conference procedings

46th National Conference on Nondestructive Testing (KKBN)

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Reviewed papers

Krzysztof Schabowicz, Marcin Matuszewski, Brigitte Nierösel, Dominik Schlößer
Non-destructive testing of fibre-cement structure materials using computer tomography

Wojciech Napadłek, Tomasz Durejko, Wojciech Chrzanowski, Piotr Garyga
3D laser technologies revitalization LP degree blades of steam turbines in the power sector – technological and diagnostic problems

Łukasz Sarniak, Rafał Molak, Barbara Romelczyk, Piotr Garyga, Zbigniew Pakieła, Andrzej Zagórski
Analysis of technical condition of steam turbine rotors based on miniature samples obtained semi-destructively

Łukasz Litwiniuk, Dorota Sobótko, Grzegorz Szajna, Joanna Szewczul
Calibration of NDT UV-A meters

Anna Adamczak-Bugno, Tomasz Gorzelańczyk, Aleksandra Krampikowska, Mateusz Szymków
Non-destructive tests of fibre-cement materials structure with the use of scanning electron microscope

Gerd Dobmann, Christoph König, Uwe Hofmann, Gerald Schneibel
Development and qualification of the Eddy-Current testing techniques “EC” and “EC+” in combination with Leeb-Hardness-Measurements for detection and verification of hardness spots on heavy steel plates

Grzegorz Wojas
Revision of ISO / IEC 17025 in accordance with current requirements for the competence of research laboratories

Adam Kondej, Tomasz Babul, Sylwester Jończyk
Devices and possibilities of non-destructive testing using the eddy current method at Institute of Precision Mechanics

Michael Sirois, Mathieu Bouchard, Angélique Raude, Radosław Boba
Stress corrosion – when the defect depth is important